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Water Planning

Region H

Region H
   Action Items

Water Planning

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Region H

Action Items
Here are some of the items the Region H Planning Group must address.

Conservation and Drought Management
For conservation and drought management, the plan needs to...
  • Extend advanced conservation measures at least to all municipal water users, not just those with projected shortages.
  • Develop a drought management plan.
  • Provide for conservation practices for all rice irrigation operations.
Environmental Flows
To secure the protection of flows for fish and wildlife, the plan needs to...
  • Discuss how the inflow needs to the Galveston Bay System will be met. The 2001 regional plan acknowledges that freshwater inflows into Galveston Bay are needed but fails to propose actions to protect these flows. Additional freshwater inflows will be required from the Trinity and San Jacinto rivers to manage and protect environmental water needs in the Trinity-San Jacinto Estuary.
  • Evaluate alternative water supply strategies for affects on environmental flows. In addition, the plan must discuss how river and stream flows are affected by current projects and existing water permits.
  • Reassess potential "unique stream segments" recommended by the TPWD for designation. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends 27 segments for designation in this region, while the 2001 regional plan only proposed six.
Wildlife Habitat and Farmland Protection
To avoid destroying valuable wildlife habitat and productive farmland, the plan needs to...
  • Avoid recommending construction of unnecessary reservoirs. Even without the construction of the three proposed reservoirs, Houston is projected to experience a surplus of 274,000 acre-feet.
To ensure that only the most economically sound water supply strategies are implemented, the plan needs to...
  • Compare the costs and benefits of the supply alternatives in a consistent and reasonable manner.

Water Fact

Region H was the only region to designate "unique stream segments" in their 2001 regional plan.

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Attend a Region H group meeting. Times and locations are posted on the TWDB website.
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