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About Us

About Us

Who We Are
This project is a collaborative effort of...

Our Goals
By collaborating with water policy specialists, public officials, and the communities of Texas, we hope to...
  • Ensure adequate water for all needs, environmental as well as human consumptive needs.
  • Reduce the future demand for water and foster efficient use of existing supplies.
  • Educate decision makers and the general public about the environmental and economic impacts of wasteful water development and the availability of cost-effective, environmentally sound alternatives.
  • Involve citizens in decisions about water resource management at the local and state levels.

How to Contact Us
For questions or comments about the project, this website, or how to get involved, please click here to detailed contact information.

Thank You
This project is made possible through the generous support of...

  • Houston Endowment Inc.
  • The Meadows Foundation
  • Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
  • Reese Foundation, Trull Foundation
  • Coypu Foundation
National Wildlife Federation

Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club

Galveston Bay Foundation