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Region H

Region H

Regional Facts

Major Cities
Houston, Galveston, Brazoria, Texas City
Primary RiversSan Jacinto, Trinity, Brazos, Neches-Trinity, Trinity-San Jacinto, San Jacinto-Brazos
Major AquifersGulf Coast, Carrizo-Wilcox
Annual Precipitation40-60 Inches
Net Evaporation16-28 Inches

2011 Regional Water Plan

Read the 2011 Regional Water Plan: http://www.twdb.state.tx.us/wrpi/rwp/3rdround/2011RWP.asp

Composed of all or parts of 15 counties, Region H includes portions of the Trinity, San Jacinto, and Brazos river basins. The Houston metropolitan area is located within this region. The largest economic sector in Region H is the petrochemical industry, which accounts for two-thirds of the petrochemical production in the United States. The Region H Water Planning Group was one of the first such groups to recognize the need to consider the importance of environmental flows in its regional planning process, specifically the need to maintain freshwater inflows into Galveston Bay, although it has not explicitly included water management strategies to preserve those inflows in its plan.

The Region H plan is still deficient in the role that it assigns water conservation to meet identified water needs, and the plan fails to recognize the important role that drought management could and should play in addressing water demands in dry times (the Region H consultants studied the issue but failed to consider possible drought contingency approaches that would likely make drought management more effective in the area).

Additional Resources

Take Action!

Find out what is happening in Region H. Meeting information and planning documents are posted on the TWDB website.
Go to TWDB's Region H page.

Here are just a few things you can do.

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