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Water Planning

Region F  

Region F
   2005 Plan

Region F
   2001 Plan

Water Planning

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Region F
2001 Regional Water Plan Overview

Region F

Basic Plan Facts
  • Population growth by 2050 in Region F is projected to be moderate
  • Total capital cost of proposed water supply measures: $326 million
  • No new reservoirs proposed

What's at Issue?
While water use is not expected to increase dramatically over the planning period, the region is proposing to increase the development of groundwater resources to meet future demands. Projected withdrawal rates are well in excess of recharge rates. As these groundwater resources in the region have not been managed sustainably, future generations may not have reasonable access to groundwater. Also at risk are the numerous springs in the area that support wildlife habitat, including five supporting endangered/threatened species. Fueling water demands are the needs of the municipal and irrigation sectors, neither of which have incorporated significant conservation measures into the management of their future demands.

Action Items
Here are some of the items the Region F Planning Group must address.

Conservation and Drought Management
For conservation and drought management, the plan needs to...
  • Assess conservation levels in the region.
  • Rely on advanced conservation as a water management strategy.
  • Include a drought management plan. The plan does identify drought triggers.
Environmental Flows
To secure the protection of flows for fish and wildlife, the plan needs to...
  • Evaluate alternative water supply strategies, especially recharge enhancement projects, for effects on environmental flows. In addition, the plan must discuss how these flows are affected by current projects and existing water permits.
  • Identify habitats associated with individual springs and include information on how aquifer drawdown affects spring flows.
  • Designate stream segments in the region that meet the criteria as having "unique ecological value". No segments were designated in the 2001 regional plan. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends 21 segments for designation in this region.
To ensure that only the most economically sound water supply strategies are implemented, the plan needs to...
  • Compare the costs and benefits of the supply alternatives in a consistent and reasonable manner.

Online Resources
Regional water plan documents can be located on the TWDB website. Additional information may also be found on the region's website.

  • TWDB Regional Water Planning Website
  • The 2001 Region F Water Plan
  • Region F's Website

The National Wildlife Federation analyzed the initially prepared plan using their Principles for an Environmentally Sound Regional Water Plan. Please contact us for more information about this analysis.