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  Managing and protecting our water resources is one of the most critical issues facing Texas today. As our population increases, human demands for water will grow. But we still need to ensure that there is adequate water for agriculture, industry and the environment. Decisions made now will have far reaching consequences for the livelihood of our state.
Why should water matter to you?

In the News...

   Houston Chronicle OpEd, 4/20/13: Texas should act now to protect its coastline

   Public News Service San Saba, 4/17/13: San Saba is Among America's "Most Endangered" Rivers

   New York Times, 4/15/13: Relief for a Parched Delta

   Austin American Statesman OpEd, 4/12/13: Huber: Don't let short-term interests steal future prosperity

What's Happening Now
  On March 11, U.S. District Court Judge Janis Graham Jack's ruled in favor of The Aransas Project, marking a significant victory for the endangered whopping crane. This lawsuit underscores the need for a more comprehensive approach to water planning and development that includes water for the environment. Read the Texas Living Waters Project's press statement here.

Why it Matters
Outdoor Sports
Canoeing and kayaking our rivers would be impossible without flowing water.
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