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  Managing and protecting our water resources is one of the most critical issues facing Texas today. As our population increases, human demands for water will grow. But we still need to ensure that there is adequate water for agriculture, industry and the environment. Decisions made now will have far reaching consequences for the livelihood of our state.
Why should water matter to you?

In the News...

   Texas Tribune, 3/02/13: Drought Revives Interest in Reservoirs

   San Antonio Express-News, 2/19/13: Mayors back water project funding

   Austin American-Statesman, 2/18/13: As water plan moves toward reality, who benefits?

   Greenwire, 2/14/13: FWS approves multispecies habitat plan for south-central Texas

What's Happening Now
  Local and regional water suppliers say that State financial assistance is needed to fund about half of the total $53 billion price tag for water infrastructure projects in the current State Water Plan. However, simply providing funding without improving the Plan and carefully prioritizing projects to be funded would not be an efficient use of taxpayer funds. Click here to read the Texas Living Waters Project's recently released policy paper on this issue. Read our press release.

Why it Matters
Sport Fishing
Texas is one of the biggest sport-fishing states in the nation.
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