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Drought Impact and Recovery in Texas Estuaries

Workshop: January 30, 2013 in Houston, Texas

The extreme drought of 2011 - and the recovery process that may be underway in many areas of the state - provides an unprecedented opportunity to advance our understanding and monitoring of the impact of drought and low flows on the health of coastal areas. The Drought Impact and Recovery in Texas Estuaries Workshop brought together bay and estuary scientists to share research findings on the impact of this drought on Texas coastal areas and to identify and prioritize future data needs regarding the monitoring of drought impacts. This workshop aimed to facilitate coordination of future drought-period monitoring activities and identify potential ways to use monitoring results to better inform the process for developing and refining environmental flow standards.

This event was sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas Water Development Board and the Harte Research Institute.

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View the Afternoon Breakout Session Discussion Topics

Presentations from the Workshop

Click below to view the presentations from the workshop.

Welcome - Goals for the Day, Summary of Participant Surveys
Myron Hess, Texas Water Programs Manager/Counsel, National Wildlife Federation

State Agency Drought Monitoring Efforts and Data
Carla Guthrie, Bay and Estuaries Program Team Leader, TWDB
Cindy Loeffler, Water Resources Branch Chief, TPWD

Noteworthy 2011 Drought Observations and Discussion
Moderator: David Bradsby, Water Quantity Program Leader, TPWD
Benthos Sampling-Paul Montagna, Endowed Chair for Ecosystems and Modelling, Harte
Unusual and Invasive Species-Leslie Hartman, Matagorda Bay Ecosystems Leader, TPWD
Salinities in Sabine Lake-Terry Stelly, Ecosystems Biologist, TPWD

More Noteworthy 2011 Drought Observations and Discussion
Moderator: Carla Guthrie, Bay and Estuaries Program Team Leader, TWDB
Commercial Fishing and Oysters-Lance Robinson, Upper Coast Regional Director, TPWD
Rangia Mortality in San Antonio Bay-Norman Johns, Water Resources Scientist, NWF

Drought Indices in Texas Estuaries
Kenneth Dunton, Professor Department of Marine Sciences, UT Marine Science Institute

Matagorda Bay Example and Breakout Session Overview
Bryan Cook, Water Quality Supervisor, Lower Colorado River Authority

Lunch and Presentation: Drought in Texas
John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas State

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