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6th Annual Water Conference
Texas Water and Global Warming

Conference Proceedings

May 12 Conference Environmental Defense hosted its 6th annual Statewide Water conference on May 12th. The conference was a great success. The audience was given an introduction to global warming and an overview of the impacts that may be seen in Texas. The conference also included presentation on potential impacts on our water resources, natural ecosystems and the wildlife that depend on them, and on our agriculture resources.

The final panel of the day gave the attendees a taste of what California and New Mexico are doing to prepare for potential global warming impacts. While Texas is lagging in this, we did hear how the city of El Paso has been planning to meet its future water needs through conservation and drought management measures.

Agenda: Speaker Presentations & Audio Files
View the speakers presentations (below) and hear the audio from the conference (coming soon). For additional information, please contact us at info@texaswatermatters.org.

9:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Kirk Watson
Democratic Nominee for State Senator, District 14, and Chairman, Environmental Defense Texas Advisory Board"
› About Kirk Watson
› Audio (MP3: 780kb)

Jim Marston
Senior Attorney and Regional Director, Environmental Defense
› About Jim Marston
› Audio (MP3: 1.4mb)

9:15 Introduction to Global Warming

Making the Case

Dr. John Mimikakis
Senior Policy Manager, Climate and Air Program, Environmental Defense
› About Dr. John Mimikakis
› Presentation (PDF: 1.5mb)
› Audio (MP3: 5.6mb)

Impacts of Global Warming on Texas

Dr. Gerald North
Distinguished Professor, Department of Atmospheric Science, and Holder of the Harold J. Haynes Endowed Chair in Geosciences, Texas A&M; University
› About Dr. Gerald North
› Audio (MP3: 4.6mb)

11:00 Global Warming and Texas’ Natural Resources

Joseph Fitzsimons
Chairman, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
› About Joseph Fitzsimons
› Audio (MP3: 3.7mb)

Wildlife and Ecosystems

John Matthews
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior PhD Program, with Dr. Camille Parmesan, Section of Integrated Biology, University of Texas at Austin
› About John Matthews
› Presentation (PDF: 840k)
› Audio (MP3: 4.3mb)

Introduction by Susan Kaderka
Director, Gulf States Natural Resource Center, National Wildlife Federation
› About Susan Kaderka

Texas Estuaries and the Gulf of Mexico

Dr. James Tolan
Coastal Fisheries Ecologist, Coastal Fisheries Division, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
› About Dr. James Tolan
› Presentation (PDF: 1mb)
› Audio (MP3: 5.4mb)

Introduction by Pam Baker
Regional Director of the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Program, Environmental Defense
› About Pam Baker

1:00 Potential Impacts of Global Warming on Texas Agriculture

About Dr. Bruce McCarl
Regents Professor of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M; University
› About Dr. Bruce McCarl
› Presentation (PDF: 250k)
› Audio (MP3: 4.2mb)

Introduction by Roger Haldenby
Vice President-Operations, Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.
› About Roger Haldenby

1:30 State and Local Responses to Global Warming

Kamyar Guivetchi
P.E., Manager, Statewide Water Planning, Department of Water Resources, California
› About Kamyar Guivetchi
› Presentation (PDF: 4mb)
› Audio Part I (MP3: 2.2mb)
› Audio Part II (MP3: 1.3mb)

Ned Farquhar
Senior Advisor, Energy/Environment, Office of Governor Bill Richardson, New Mexico
› About Ned Farquhar
› Presentation (PDF: 335k)
› Audio (MP3: 4mb)

Edmund "Ed" Archuleta
P.E., General Manager, El Paso Water Utilities - PSB
› About Edmund Archuleta
› Presentation (PDF: 5mb)
› Audio (MP3: 3.4mb)

Introductions and Remarks by Ken Kramer
Director, Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club
› About Ken Kramer

New Report: Global Warming Risks for Texas
Environmental Defense just released a new report that outlines global warming impacts and how they are expected to alter life in Texas. While this report covers some of the same issues discussed at this conference, it is wider in scope and includes concrete recommendations for citizens and state leaders to follow.
Global Warming Risks for Texas