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Water Planning

Region D

Region D
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Water Planning

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Region D - North East Texas

Action Items
Here are some of the items the Region D Planning Group must address.

Conservation and Drought Management
For conservation and drought management, the plan needs to...
  • Include a drought management plan for limiting demand during water-short periods. Out of 268 water suppliers surveyed as part of the 2001 regional plan, only 6 had developed drought contingency plans.
  • Assess current levels of municipal water conservation and recommend advanced measures. Only seven out of 268 water suppliers surveyed as part of the 2001 regional plan had developed water conservation plans.
Environmental Flows
To secure the protection of flows for fish and wildlife, the plan needs to...
  • Evaluate alternative water supply strategies for effects on environmental flows. In addition, the plan must discuss how these flows are affected by current projects and existing water permits.
  • Include information about the natural resources in the region, such as wetlands and individual springs, and discuss how these resources can be protected.
  • Designate stream segments in the region that meet the criteria as having "unique ecological value". No segments were designated in the 2001 regional plan. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends 15 segments for designation in this region.
Wildlife Habitat and Farmland Protection
To avoid destroying valuable wildlife habitat and productive farmland, the plan needs to...
  • Reconsider its recommendations for 15 unique reservoir site designations, most of which are inadequately studied and unjustified. These sites include some of the best bottomland hardwood forests left in Texas.
  • Avoid recommending construction of unnecessary reservoirs. No specific need is identified for the water from Prairie Creek Reservoir and water from Marvin Nichols I wouldn't be needed if Region C implemented reasonable water conservation measures.
To ensure that only the most economically sound water supply strategies are implemented, the plan needs to...
  • Compare the costs and impacts of the supply alternatives in a consistent and reasonable manner.

Water Fact

Marvin Nichols I Reservoir would inundate up to 72,000 acres, including bottomland hardwood forest and acres of productive farmland. Prairie Creek Reservoir would inundate 4,282 acres, some of which may serve as the habitat of endangered animal and plant species.

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Contact the Regional Group Member who represents your interest.
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Attend a Region D group meeting. Times and locations are posted on the TWDB website.
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