Municipal Water Use: Success Story

The City of San Antonio has reduced per person water use by 30% over the last 17 years from 213 to about 149 gallons per capita daily. Similarly, the City of El Paso has also reduced water use by 30% per capita in 20 years from 220 to 155 gallons per capita daily. Both cities have ambitious plans for reducing per capita water use further: to achieve a water use rate of 132 gallons per capita daily by 2030 in the City of San Antonio and a water use rate of 140 gallons per capita daily by 2010 in El Paso. Even those commendable goals could be improved upon. Although many of the same conservation strategies were used in both cities' programs, each city has developed its own water conservation program depending on individual characteristics.

To find out more details about these water conservation programs, visit their websites: San Antonio Water Supply and El Paso Water Utilities.

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